On Time

Released May 3, 2019

Catalog number MFR190503/MFR190503A


On Time - The Caged Bird - Velvet - Boy in the Bubble - To Love Again - Farther on Down the Line - Mabon - Cora Leigh - Evening Rain - Better Off Today

About “On Time:”

The spring of 2019 marks our tenth year together as a band, and we’ve undergone many changes since the beginning. New personnel, new instruments, new gear, two new vans, new websites, new venues, new states visited, countless new people met, new management, a new record label, and lots of new music. But the one thing that stays constant is the ongoing battle to balance the hectic daily life of family, friends, work, and our passion for pursuing this music. The song “On Time” is about that very thing, which is why we decided to name the album after it. Pursuing a dream is always challenging, especially when it involves creating art. But in the end we wouldn’t want it any other way. See you out there on the road!

-Jesse, Wade, Jeff, Joe, and Mark

Halfway Between

Released May 7, 2016

Catalog number CBRR002

coverimage-300x266 (1).jpg

Bright Angel - Halfway Between - The Road We Travel - Feel the Burn - The Fleeting Day - Oh My Love - Tear Drop Falls - Hey Girl - Up in the Mountains - Shallow River Blues - Sun Up, Sun Down (Live at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival 8/6/15)

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Colebrook Road

Released November 13, 2012

Catalog number CBRR001


Conewago Clay - Both Sides of the Line - Misfire - Dry Ground Blues - Something in the Night - Without You - Coyote - Grandma’s Cookin’ - The Colorado Kind - Sun Up, Sun Down